Travel Tips for Vietnam

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When travelling in any country, it’s good to come prepared. Here’s a great infographic from Buffalo Tours that explains some key points so that you can fully enjoy your time here. These travel tips for Vietnam are the perfect place to start planning your trip!


travel tips vietnam


Can you believe the population of Vietnam is 90.5 million? This country may appear small at first glance, but it’s actually larger than you may think. It’s a little bit smaller than California┬ábut has over twice the population. Within this population, there are 53 ethnic minorities, which you can see from the infographic. These ethnic minorities still have strong cultures, which you can interact with in many areas of Vietnam┬á(check out our Tribes & Trails Adventure in Central Vietnam!).

The price guide above should definitely come in handy. It’s hard to know what to pay for things in Vietnam, even if you do know the cost of living is lower than back home (and all those 0’s in the currency don’t help!). This infographic with travel tips for Vietnam explains how street food┬áranges from 30,000-50,000VND and restaurant food can range from 80,000-200,000VND. Keep in mind, there are fancier restaurants in larger cities that can get more comparable to a fine dining restaurant back home.

Sim cards in Vietnam cost from 100,000-300,000VND. At this price, why not get one? We highly suggest sim cards, as they make it easier to show taxi drivers your hotel location, quickly Google Translate a Vietnamese phrase or two, and (perhaps guiltily) post your latest adventure photos on Facebook or Instagram!

Concerned about the rainy season in Vietnam? Don’t worry too much! Even though there is heavy rainfall during some months of the year, it’s still a great place to travel. The farms are lush and beautiful, exotic fruit is abundant, and Vietnam is full of┬ásuper stylish┬áponchos.┬á

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