Rich Traditions Hue Countryside

Morning Tour starts 8:00am | Afternoon Tour starts 1:00pm
Lasts 4 – 4.5 Hours

Rich traditions Hue countryside

Discover the hidden charms of Hue.

Kick off the day with a Vietnamese coffee or fresh juice at a local cafe, where you’ll meet your tour guide and get ready to get off the beaten path of Hue. Your first stop will be a family temple, where you get to learn about the strong traditions and responsibilities that come along with Vietnamese family culture. Then take a stroll down the street, learning about the French colonial influence on architecture and the struggle the locals have to preserve their beautiful riverside homes. The short stroll will finish at a local bustling market, where you get the opportunity to see the daily hustle of Vietnamese women and the selling point of ancient worshiping materials. After the market, hop on a small ferry to cross the Perfume River, where you’ll find our Vespas waiting on the other side.

Zoom through small countryside streets, finding yourself getting further from city life. We will stop at a small workshop producing worship materials. Next stop- get a chance to make your own small folk art print while sipping on some green tea. Then make your way through the vibrant rice paddies by Vespa and a local ancient bridge hangout where people of all ages go to relax and enjoy the cool river breeze. You’ll get the perfect opportunity to mingle with the locals and interact with them.

*Hue Countryside Tour Highlights – Local cafe, family temple, stroll along the river, local market, small ferry ride, worship material workshop, folk art workshop, local bridge hangout.

$79 Per Person, Kids Under 12 Receive 30% Off

WE HIGHLY RECOMMEND BOOKING EARLY to avoid disappointment.
For last minute and larger bookings please call us at +84 772993585

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