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Vietnam is a beautiful country. The diverse landscapes of Vietnam include cool mountains, stunning beaches, and unbelievable farmlands. Vietnam has it all. If you’ve travelled here, you’ll know its beauty- not only in its landscapes but in its people & culture as well. Here at Vespa Adventures, we strive to help keep this country beautiful, which inspired us to get involved.

In 2015, our team started doing community clean-ups. We didn’t know what it would lead to, we just wanted to pitch in and help to tidy up some litter. Like any developing country, litter unfortunately exists.  Rohan Bark, who publishes travel guide & map Visit Phu Quoc & co-owner of Buddy Ice Cream, was organizing community clean-ups in Phu Quoc, just like we were in Saigon & Hoi An. RMIT University in Saigon had a group of students led by Centre Manager, Nhan Nguyen, who were creating a huge buzz in Saigon through their Green Ribbon anti-litter initiative. Little did we know, our small team clean-ups would lead us to join these fellow passionate groups to form Keep Vietnam Clean & Green. Our goal is to raise awareness regarding the negative effects litter has on the environment, and help reduce it country-wide. By joining forces across the country with these other local businesses and initiatives, we have the opportunity to make a bigger impact. 

So, how does Keep Vietnam Clean & Green do this?


Community clean-ups.

Community Clean-Ups

We see a direct impact on community clean-ups. People become accustomed to their everyday environment, and often overlook litter. By working together with local businesses and community members, these clean-ups can really open some eyes and make people think twice. When people pass by and see citizens pitching in, they’ll think twice about littering. So far, our crew has joined in over 15 community clean-ups across Hoi An & Ho Chi Minh City, and we’ll continue to do so as often as possible. 


Education is key to changing any mindset, and we are working on multiple education campaigns. Fun activities and learning opportunities will encourage children to keep their environment clean on a daily basis.

Green Ribbons.

keep vietnam clean and green

The giant impact of a tiny ribbon can truly be astonishing. Keep Vietnam Clean & Green joined forces with Green Ribbon (est. 2013) to make a bigger impact. Green Ribbon has been handing out ribbons as a sign that one has taken an anti-litter pledge. If you see a local with a Green Ribbon on their motorbike or backpack, this means they’ve taken the pledge.

Want to get involved? Check out Keep Vietnam Clean & Green’s website or Facebook to get updates on events.